Future Forums

November 15, 2006

YpsiVotes is fresh from a meeting of its members. We’ve discussed some of our future forums and we have some great ideas. We want to hear from you, however: Many of this blog’s readers were at the forum, but many were not. What types of forums would you like to see YpsiVotes tackle?


Businesses Downtown

November 15, 2006

One of our survey questions at the business forum on Nov. 2 was “What kind of businesses would you like to see downtown.” We collected your responses and we have plans for getting the entire list, as well as the results of the dot voting, up on our website within the next few weeks.

Those of you who couldn’t attend the forum: do you care to chime in? What businesses do you want to see in downtown Ypsilanti? For those of you who attended and supplied some ideas, do you care to elaborate? Care to talk about what will or will not work?

Slideshow from Business Forum is Online

November 15, 2006

Just wanted to let people know (if they don’t already) that the slideshow presentation given by Mark Maynard is now online at http://www.ypsivotes.com. You can also find links to the audio and video on our homepage. (See Steve Pierce’s comment below, as well, for another link to video of the Nov. 2 forum.)

Downtown Ypsilanti: It’s Your Future.

October 9, 2006

The folks who brought you the recent Ypsilanti mayoral debate have decided, instead of disbanding, that they’d like to do more to facilitate substantive public dialogue on the future of our community. With that as a mission, they’ve set out to host a series of public meetings on subjects ranging from poverty and crime to local economic development. The first of these public forums is to be held on Thursday, November 2, 2006, in the EMU Business College in downtown Ypsi, 7 p.m. to 9:30.

The subject: Downtown Business. See the hompage at www.ypsivotes.com for more information.

Here, on this blog, we want your comments, input, feedback, whatever. We at YMDC know that there will be a lot of you who attended the Ypsilanti Mayoral Debate; your input was integral to the success of that event. So go for it here. Let’s work together to make Ypsilanti better. Let’s make Ypsi great.